Backsplash in the modern kitchen

Aesthetics and functionality for the space around the worktop

Backsplash in the modern kitchen

The choice of kitchen surfaces is essential to achieve a result that satisfies both the aesthetics of the space and its functionality, for example, as a backsplash on the wall directly behind the sink and the hob.

For those who work in the kitchen the choice of the tiles for the backsplash must guarantee an easy-to-clean surface that protects the wall behind it and gives character to the space with either a pleasing contrast to the rest of kitchen or by harmonizing with it.

Depending on the style and type of furniture, the backsplash can therefore focus on different aesthetics: for classic and country styles, but also shabby chic, a coloured backsplash or mosaic is a suitable choice. If, however, the kitchen is in a minimalist or ultra-modern style, you may opt for a more compact surface in subdued tones.

Panaria Ceramica offers a range of delightfully different solutions, such as the Primestone collection, a style halfway between country and city, therefore ideal in combination with a more contemporary style. From this collection, Sand Prime Square design has a very interesting, slightly rippled surface in the colours of sand, which goes well with steel and dark wood furniture, but also with total white.

From the Horizon collection, with a tone-on-tone mosaic effect, there is also the Mosaic 36 Sky design in five warm colours - from light ivory to dark grey – for other styles and tastes.

Alternatively, the Context collection features a series of wavy wall surfaces that can further enhance a kitchenette.

In the Chic Wood collection, the focus is on the simplicity and warmth of wood, here in five different natural shades. One of them is Quadrus 2 (Honey-Coco), evocative, welcoming and natural, while at the same time slightly opulent.


Finally, for lovers of minimalism, there is the choice from the wide range of products in the Zero.3 collection of ultra-thin laminated stoneware. With slabs in sizes of 100 x 300 cm and 120 x 260 cm it is possible to cover the wall of the kitchen with one continuous surface and a reduced number of joints, for a strongly distinctive look.

Whatever the choice, Panaria Ceramica guarantees surfaces with Protect antibacterial protection. Designed with Microban's industry-leading antibacterial technology, they feature a true silver ion shield embedded in the ceramic product, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface.
The result is a truly protected surface which is very hygienic and resistant to wear, for maximum peace of mind in the heart of the house!

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