Smart working hybrid spaces: a new conception of home and work

New ways of working and enjoying the home. New places to inhabit.

Smart working hybrid spaces: a new conception of home and work

Today, more than ever before, there can be no doubt of the importance of increasingly fluid and hybrid home environments, in line with people’s rapidly changing work and life habits. These places have undergone a radical transformation and must demonstrate their flexibility and ability to incorporate many different functions, while also designing new scenarios for the future.

Panaria Ceramica, a historic brand that has chosen the residential sector as its vocation, responds to these needs with collections that interpret the most current styles and simultaneously express the company’s great ceramic tradition.


The new Borealis, with which Panaria Ceramica interprets the most current market needs with a line devoted to the study of the most refined wood shades for comfortable, cosy environments. These coverings are characterized by warm and enveloping wood-effect notes that lend intense natural and soft tones to a home office with a focus on harmony and concentration.

Another recent collection is Glam collection reinterprets wallpaper with innovative ultra-thin, ultra-modern surfaces: a reinterpretation that combines the timeless elegance of wallpaper with the advantages offered by ceramic. This range, which boasts 14 different decorative themes, make it possible to interpret your personality with furnishing solutions and elements that reflect your style and taste and make work spaces in the home more sophisticated and distinctive.

Wall/Glam-Boiserie Mauve-Tartan Mauve
Wall/Glam-Tartan Mauve
Opificio 22/a-Cenere-Quadri Scuro
Floor/Opificio22/a-Cenere-Quadri Scuro

Thanks to extraordinary tactile surfaces, marked by traces of the passage of time that differentiate the patterns, making them extremely varied, the Opificio 22/A concrete-effect collection can create a place for smart working with a contemporary character, featuring decorative porcelain stoneware solutions that offer maximum expressive freedom. Various motifs inspired by the charm of cement tiles, ranging from more traditional designs to geometric patterns with a more modern style, guarantee a wide range of surface options according to different tastes.


With Eternity, a selection of nature’s most exquisite marbles is transformed into a complete and multifaceted collection that imbues the home’s work area with a sense of harmony, presenting a classical look that perfectly pairs with the most modern furnishing elements. Elegant and harmonious porcelain stoneware surfaces crossed by varying vein patterns, chiaroscuro effects and sophisticated decorations make it possible to characterize every corner of the house with extraordinarily large slabs designed for welcoming, refined environments and for a multifunctional vision of space enhanced by the bright beauty of the decorations.

Floor/Wall/Eternity-Breach Grey-Soft
Floor/Eternity-Breach Grey-Soft

Finally, Even porcelain stoneware surfaces are characterized by solid-coloured and decorated backgrounds that create striking atmospheres to divide the domestic space and carve out a work corner, adapting to the different areas of the house. The material depth, colour intensity and geometric effects of this design are the perfect solution for a creative and characterful home office.

Panaria Ceramica therefore offers a wide range of products and solutions that can satisfy every kind of design need and inspiration for places devoted to smart working, in line with current lifestyles that do not want to sacrifice the style and comfort of the company’s dynamic and constantly evolving range.

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