Outdoor flooring: trends and ideas

The latest trends in outdoor flooring, in line with the seemingly conflicting desires to share and maintain privacy.

Outdoor flooring: trends and ideas

Summer, a season in which to spend time out of doors, by yourself or in company. But in what type of outdoor spaces do those who love this season prefer to go? Some tendencies are obvious.

We have a desire to be in harmony with nature, yet preserve our connection to technology and the world, which is why we, among other things, take pictures of ourselves immersed in stunning landscapes. It is with this in mind that the Bioarch collection, inspired by Bargiolina, a natural quartz from Piedmont with delicate yellow and grey nuances, fully embraces this trend for spaces with pools or solariums that are immersed in natural settings.

But pools and solariums also call to mind the current “wellness trend”, characterized by a desire for mini-spas, waterfalls, and total relaxation, to be enjoyed in solitude, with friends, or as a couple! The collection Pierre des Rêves is ideal for these kinds of environments, enchanting, yet humid and sometimes slippery. 

Speaking of antique, this leads us to another trend: vintage, suggesting open air dinners with our closest friends. In this case the festivities are more intimate and informal: quieter, with long talks in which we share our hopes and dreams. Within such a context, we recommend outdoor stoneware tiles from the Memory Mood collection, a tactful product line in which modern and classic styles meet, between past memories and present influences.

This mood is contrasted by a more glamorous and public conviviality, animated by larger groups of people. In this case the environments resemble metropolitan spaces with an ultramodern minimalist style. This is where Urbanature comes in, with its cement effect and absolute simplicity, for festive dinners, spirited gatherings, parties, and music.

Lastly, there’s that which could be defined the “yoga trend”, identified by a desire for balance, meditation, and silence, conducive to regularly practising exercises that are good for your body, but above all for your spirit. This is the ideal setting for Cross Wood, a faux wood ceramic product, with compositions and contrasts in colours that are original but that always create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Panaria offers all of these collections in 20 mm thick stoneware, which represents the evolution of the most innovative outdoor floors. Guaranteeing the utmost in technical performance, this stoneware is appropriate for countless outdoor applications as it is frost-proof, eco-friendly, resistant to changes in temperature and weather, resistant to mould and moss, resistant to fire, and has long-lasting colour. There’s so much to discover!

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