New life into the bathroom

Flexible, high-impact solutions for rennovation

New life into the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important areas of the home. Designed for more than just personal hygiene, it is increasingly becoming the most important room for well-being and relaxation. There is currently a very large and diverse range of furniture, bathroom fixtures and wall coverings available to meet the needs of rapidly evolving lifestyles.

Renovating a bathroom is certainly a complex and often stressful process, since it involves very invasive work and requires a lot of time to achieve the desired result.

However, an aesthetically pleasing and less disruptive approach to renovation is now possible: by opting for new wall or floor coverings, perhaps without altering the layout of the room and by overlaying the existing design, you can give the room a new look, making it more personal and contemporary by mixing different patterns, or by choosing a classic range to create a uniform and comforting space.

The result of cutting-edge technology, Panaria Ceramica’s Zero.3 series is the perfect answer to guarantee beauty, quality and fast application. Consisting of collections with large, ultra-thin ceramic slabs just 3.5 mm, 5.5 mm and 6 mm thick, it permits a rapid renovation that can transform the overall look since, in addition to being suitable for new constructions, it is perfect for laying over existing surfaces.


Zero.3 Stone Trace - Abyss; Glade / Zero.3 Glam - Greenwall
Zero.3 Stone Trace - Abyss / Zero.3 Glam - Greenwall
Zero.3 Stone Trace - Abyss

The new large format (120x278cm) in the Zero.3 Stone Trace collection enhances the impression of continuous surfaces by covering rooms like a second skin through a ceramic interpretation of slate.

A versatile effect distinguished by material and chromatic characteristics with a strong, yet discreet look: the intensity of the colour, the originality of the surface shades and the chromatic balance make Stone Trace an elegant background finish that is ideal for an elegant and natural bathroom.

Lightweight and resistant, Zero.3 Glam is a powerful expressive medium for renovating walls and transforming them into scenic, practical and safe backdrops. With their expressive and vibrant colours, Glam’s ultra-thin slabs make walls bright and dynamic, covering them like wallpaper, with all the advantages of a ceramic slab that is just 3.5 mm thick: the thinnest in the world!

Varied effects typical of glass bricks embellished with delicate green leaves, precious textures inspired by traditional textiles and large fragrant flowers that delicately envelop and fill the space: these are the themes of the various Glam slabs, designed for those who want to be astonished at every glance.

Zero.3 Glam - Colorful
Zero.3 Glam - Greenwall
Zero.3 Glam - Greenwall
Zero.3 Context - Square
Zero.3 Context - Square
Zero.3 Context - Square

The interpretation of the concrete material in the Zero.3 Context collection produces a mix of precious and fine grits that can feature a multiplicity of bright and neutral shades in a delightful interplay of harmonies and contrasts.

Panaria Ceramica reworks this type of material to make it more manageable and versatile thanks to its reduced 6 mm thickness and the large size of the slabs, presenting it in a traditional porcelain stoneware version for easy and quick application.A very striking aesthetic result, presented in 5 natural shades, enhanced by mosaics, sophisticated decorations and trim tiles, which combine the precious nature of marble with the functionality of ceramic, perfect for modern and classic bathrooms.

The Zero.3 Eternity collection expands the richness and the exquisite naturalness of the marble effect to new contexts. A selection of the finest natural marbles is transformed into durable and versatile slim 6 mm-thick porcelain stoneware and laminated porcelain stoneware surfaces.

Eternity features a wide range of formats and decorations, in which the sophisticated Soft and Lux finishes accentuate the richness and variety of the vein patterns, tastefully calibrated to give every room textural continuity and exquisite, harmonious shades. The slabs’ mirror effect gives the bathroom a natural light that illuminates the room, lending it a touch of timeless elegance.

Zero.3 Eternity - Breach Grey; Marquina Black
Zero.3 Eternity - Breach Grey; Marquina Black
Zero.3 Eternity - Breach Grey

Cosy and contemporary spaces, rooms that become small home spas or havens of well-being. Panaria Ceramica bathrooms are an invitation to customize your most intimate room with a glossy or matt effect, featuring abundant decorations, natural and geometric mosaics and infinite stylistic solutions specially designed to reflect the owners’ personality and taste.

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