The spaces dedicated to relaxation according to Panaria Ceramica

A guides us in the choice of collections that are particularly suitable for creating these oases of relaxation and inspiration

The spaces dedicated to relaxation according to Panaria Ceramica

The lengthy period marked by the succession of lockdowns and “red zones” has meant that the home has been lived in much more intensely, in Italy and all around the world. Domestic landscapes have slowly changed: areas have been created for the home office and smart working, certainly, but also small areas for leisure activities, hobbies, wellness and meditation rituals, yoga, reading or exercise activities, whether light or dynamic. These are sometimes corners that promote intimacy and concentration, in which to relax while immersing in a welcoming atmosphere, or more surprising and colourful corners, which inspire ideas, travels, new projects.

Panaria Ceramica offers some examples of collections with high technical performance and unparalleled aesthetics, which are particularly suitable for creating corners of the home devoted to wellness and lightness.

Glam - Relic
Glam - Tartan Mauve/Boiserie Mauve

Ultra-thin and ultra-decorated ceramic coverings: this is the essence of Glam, a vibrant, multifaceted and contemporary collection. Its surfaces of just 3.5 mm in thickness reinterpret upholstery by intertwining the timeless finesse of wallpaper with the benefits of the thinnest ceramic in the world, extremely functional and super resistant thanks to fibreglass, a distinctive feature of the ultra-thin slabs of Panaria Ceramica. In Glam, fourteen different subjects coexist, ranging from geometric patterns and the most refined fabrics, up to the gentle abundance of flowers and foliage. The new collection is interpreted by Vanessa Pisk, set designer by training and stylist for interior design by profession, who has immortalised various moments of domestic environments, telling the story of an attitude or of a way of being, and transforming the subjects into interior design offers, projects to imagine and corners to transform.

Among the novelties of 2021 we find Via Maestra, the stone-effect collection that manifests Panaria Ceramica’s ability to harmonise natural elements for a result of remarkable pluck and character, with an aesthetic oriented on the image of an ancestral land, observed from a distant point of view, but at the same time, extremely contemporary. Via Maestra evokes a profound reference to the origins for environments with a relaxing, welcoming and extremely positive neutrality. Great attention has been paid to the vein patterns that cross the surface: light, subtle, shaded marks that are transformed into movement, depth and a three-dimensional effect. The lighter streaks develop a delicate contrast with the darker sections, drawing the eye into the densest and deepest heart of the material, in order to convey the sense of a path beaten by time, but known, familiar and reassuring.

Via Maestra - Tragitti
Via Maestra - Tragitti
Borealis - Alta
Borealis - Inari/Listello

Finally, the study of the most refined shades of wood for comfortable spaces in connection with the reassuring elements of nature is the common thread that distinguishes the Borealiscollection by Panaria Ceramica. The vibrant tones alternate with soft colours and neutral tones, capable of developing corners and spaces in the name of wellness. Borealis scrupulously reproduces the essences and the particularities of the natural materials from which it draws inspiration, thanks to a significant work of technological research by Panaria Ceramica which has integrated all its know-how and profound knowledge of porcelain stoneware into this offer. Four colours, in line with the most current trends, which draw attention to desaturated and dusty colour choices, with decisive references to the authenticity of nature and great attention to the veins and nuances of the finest woods, which overcome the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, in both visual and sensory terms.

Panaria Ceramica is therefore the interpreter of the spaces that are transformed and evolve, reinterpreting domestic environments with its ceramic collections of remarkable contemporaneity, capable of understanding the needs and trends of users who, today more than ever, seek to customise and give character to their home.

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