Where to install 20 mm porcelain stoneware

The intended uses for thick exterior flooring

Where to install 20 mm porcelain stoneware

The 20 mm thick ceramic tile collection by Ceramica Panaria, combine beauty and high technical performance. The result is an excellent solution that for endless outdoor applications. The high technical characteristics are a timeless guarantee of the resistance of the product. The high resistance to heavy loads makes the product, when fixed to a solid substrate with adhesives, suitable even for vehicular passage. It is also resistant to frost and thermal shock, mould, stains and salt. The product has excellent non-slip characteristics and it is easy to clean

The characteristics of the product and the ease of installation, both with or without adhesive (dry installation on grass, gravel, or elevated floors), make the 20 mm thick porcelain tile by Ceramica Panaria the best solution for external flooring of public and residential areas, such as urban spaces, pavements, garden paths, car parks, terraces, swimming pool edges, bathing facilities, parks and much more.

Laying solutions:

Dry installation on grass

  • easy to lay, and adjust or move
  • ideal solution for public parks and private gardens


Dry installation on gravel

  • easy to lay, and adjust or move
  • aesthetic features ideal for enhancing contemporary buildings


Installation on screed with adhesive

  • Driveway paving
  • Matching interior and exterior areas


Elevated floor installation

  • can easily be removed, inspected, reused
  • ideal for hiding from sight wiring and pipes, while keeping them easily accessible.


For further information, consult our technical manual.

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