The laying of tiles: precautions for the installer

Advice for proper laying

Laying and implementation, execution of the project

The installer, having seen the space or surface to be tiled, must:

  • set up and organize the installation area;
  • verify the surfaces to be tiled and prepare them accordingly;
  • accurately verify the measurements, the corners, verticality of the walls, and potential sloping of the floors and, where necessary, take the appropriate measures; 
  • inspect the materials;
  • if there are obvious defects, the installer must report them before beginning to lay the tiles;
  • optimize the laying surface, choosing suitable references so that the laying of the tiles may proceed as harmoniously as possible and so as to prevent disturbances (for example, the presence of cut or poorly joined tiles in visible positions);
  • prepare the mortar or the adhesives and proceed with the installation of the tiles;
  • after sufficient time has passed from the installation of the tiles - which can vary from several hours to several days, depending on the type of surface (floor or wall) and on the type of mortar or adhesive used – proceed with filling in the grout lines and with the final cleaning of the surface.

At this point the installer is able to “deliver” his work, which can and must be verified prior to being accepted. 

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