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Changi Airport - Terminal 4


Shell Wellness
Almond 90x90
Shell 90x90
Shell 60x90
Almond 30x60
Almond 60x60
Clay 60x60
Shell 60x60
Almond 60x60
Almond Wellness

Panaria Ceramica's surfaces cover the spaces of Singapore-Changi Airport


The project involved the use of porcelain stoneware tiles from the Buxstone collection, which is characterized by high technical and aesthetic qualities, ideal for use in all projects, thanks to the completeness of the range. There are 6 different colours, 4 thicknesses, 7 different sizes and 3 designs, all combining beauty with elegance.

For the external paving of the building the Buxstone slabs were used in the AlmondShell and Clay Wellnesscolours, in the rectified edge sizes of 60.3 x 60.3 and 60x60 cm.

For indoor areas the choice was an asymmetrical arrangement of alternating colours and forms, using the ceramic slabs in the colours Almond, Shell and Clay in the different sizes 60x60, 30x60, 90x90 and 60x90.

With its high technical and aesthetic qualities, Buxstone creates a clean, contemporary environment, the result of the company's artistic research. The collection provides unique elegance where the original features of material craftsmanship are combined with a refined, contemporary style.

Buxstone uses the extremely high performance, antimicrobial Protect® technology, exclusive to the Panariagroup, bringing health, safety and protection to the places where it is used.

In fact, the Protect® products are manufactured with an antibacterial shield already included in the products in the firing phase, which, thanks to the effect of silver ions, almost totally eliminates bacteria from the surfaces in a long-lasting way and guarantees:

  1. Efficiency throughout the life cycle of the product, thanks to inclusion in the production phase;
  2. 24-hour effectiveness with or without sunlight;
  3. Extremely powerful action, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface;
  4. bsolute quality, thanks to the realisation in partnership with Microban®, a world-leader in the sector.


Protect® antibacterial surfaces are recommended not only for domestic environments, but also for airports, and other places with high people traffic that require meticulous control against the proliferation of bacteria.

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