Strozzi Bistrò

Strozzi Bistrò chooses Panaria Ceramica to embellish the interior of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi restaurant

Applicazione Progetto

Installation with adhesive


Bars and restaurants

Project by

Studio Novembre



Palazzo Strozzi in Florence represents the ideal stately home of the Renaissance, and the symbol of the palace is its historic 16th-century courtyard, a square open to the city frequented by more than two million people every year, to attend concerts, performances and installations by contemporary artists. This is where we find Strozzi Bistrò, the restaurant run by Michelin-starred chef Arrigoni and designed by Novembre Studio of architect Fabio Novembre.

The designers selected the Via Maestra surfaces for the interior floors, choosing them in two contrasting shades, a lighter Cammini and a darker Paesaggi in the 60x60 cm, 9 mm thick version. They created a harmonious geometric pattern in chromatic continuity with the exterior of the historic Florentine palace. Via Maestra was born from the fusion of different stones and the union of creativity and new technologies: it is the expression of the brand's ability to combine natural elements to obtain a surface emblematic of a mothercollection, from which a path of ceramic evolution takes flight.

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