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Nestled in the verdant, tranquil Parma countryside, yet close to the city, this stunning renovation reinterprets an early-20th century farmhouse surrounded by its own land covered with magnificent olive trees. The manor house is divided into three levels that still feature the old terracotta tiles and wooden beams, while the old stable, the barn and the tool shed have been skilfully restored in a more modern style. The large glass walls and French windows overlooking the expansive garden and present in all the outbuildings make it particularly bright and pleasant. A large porch with vaults and columns frames the spacious courtyard area with a swimming pool and a solarium, making it a perfect place for passing time in total relaxation.

For the outdoor area flooring, the customer opted for Panaria Ceramica’s Pietre di Fanes collection, in which the combination of Grigio Misto and Rosso Misto, laid by combining the three 20x20, 20x30.5 and 20x41 cm sizes, recalls the colours of the materials (bricks and river stones) used in the original walls.

Pietre di Fanes is a line of full-body porcelain stoneware elements that reproduce the colour and the antique charm of porphyry, an extraordinarily beautiful material with special chromatic properties.

Using an exclusive technology, Panaria has reproposed and interpreted this material, which is

deeply linked to our building tradition, surpassing its performance in terms of strength, durability and technical properties; using a specific process, valuable raw materials were blended in full-body tiles stoneware without the addition of glazes, fully reproducing the gradient vein patterns, colour shades and grain sizes of the rock in its natural state.

Featuring high technical and performance levels, this compact ceramic compound features a surface look that varies from tile to tile, providing the striking visual effects that characterize the floors of many of our squares, walkways, porches and gardens.

Specifically designed for outdoor applications for residential buildings and street furniture, these ceramic elements are suitable for any application on the boundary between home and nature.

The product is ideal for: pedestrian areas, courtyards, walkways, pavements, terraces, swimming pools, museums, shops and shopping malls.


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