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Private houses



The purity and charm of Trilogy for a private house in Vietnam


Thanks to the three technologies combined in a single collection - porcelain stoneware, thin laminated stoneware and monoporous wall tiles - the collection features a range of sizes and design elements which give an extraordinary originality to the surfaces and convey the purity of marble in all its splendour.

The interiors of the living area of the apartment use porcelain stoneware slabs in the 60x120 cm size in Calacatta White with a lux finish that, thanks to the light veins typical of marble, enrich the space and convey a sense of intense elegance.
Used both for the floors and walls of the area, ceramic surfaces are not just materials for cladding, but contribute personality, comfort and design to the entire room.

Panaria Ceramica again shows its ability to offer high quality solutions for many different needs, interpreting the most contemporary styles with passion and attention to quality and excellence.

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