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Arch. Maria Teresa Fantini - Studio Tecnico Modena Associati



The concepts of precision, performance and quality prevail in the corporate philosophy of Esseti Meccanica di Precisione, a leading partner of various industrial companies for highly complex machining and mechanical prototypes for the aeronautics, packaging, automotive and aircraft sectors. For the headquarters designed after the 2012 earthquake, Architect Maria Teresa Fantini focused on the values of the company and its dynamism. Special attention was paid to all the details, including the finishes which, in the case of the ceramic surfaces, fully met resistance and performance requirements.

Aesthetic impact, performance, quality and sustainable raw materials are the fundamental ingredients of Panaria Ceramica’s surfaces, chosen to cover many areas of the headquarters. Starting with the interior floors, for which the Context collection was selected, an advanced and attractive interpretation of the concrete effect. Inspired by ancient processes used for surfaces treated with mixtures of marble, stone and terracotta grit mixed in a cement-based compound, Context was chosen in the darker Mansion shade and in the more neutral Loft shade. Zero.3 Must was also introduced, in this case for the cladding of the interior walls and of the door to the Management office, in the Be Black version with a Lux surface: elegant, impressive and sophisticated.

The bathrooms are distinguished by the delightfully dynamic and light graphic design of Horizon, a delicate and very natural stone effect that alternates with the concrete-effect wall coverings in the Even collection, which is distinctly textured and pleasant to the touch. The discreet Framework decoration complements the clarity of these surfaces, giving the room a warmer and more joyful feel. Horizon was used for the outdoor floor covering in a 20 mm thickness, in the dark Storm version with a textured surface that guarantees excellent grip.


Photo Credits: Luciano Busani

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