Fassi Innovation Center

Fassi Innovation Center: the Fassi Group's new technology hub chooses Panaria Ceramica

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Studio Tecnico Associato Cortinovis e Perolari



11.500 m2 make up Fassi Innovation Center in Nembro: 800 m2 of offices and service areas, 400 m2 of showroom for displaying new products, and 3,400 m2 for dedicated prototype activity, crane assembly, fatigue testing, and hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems development. These are just some of the figures that testify to the incredible dimensions of the new technology hub of the Fassi Group, Italy's largest crane manufacturer. A place dedicated to research and development, to thinking and designing machines and systems with high technological content and hitherto unexplored solutions.

The designers selected Context collection for the interior surfaces of the Fassi Innovation Center with raised laying system, in three gradually darker grey shades: Store, Mansion and Hangar, in the two 60x60 and 60x120 cm versions with a thickness of 9.5 mm, in chromatic continuity with the exteriors of the large technology hub near Bergamo. Context is inspired by ancient processes used for surfaces treated with mixtures of marble, stone and terracotta grit mixed in a cement-based compound, a solution that is perfectly aligned with industrial projects of this kind. In fact, it is a collection resistant to impact, abrasion, bending, weathering, fire, stains, chemicals as well as being completely non-absorbent.

The Context collection is part of the PROTECT® line, a technology that guarantees the maximum hygiene of floor and wall surfaces, thanks to a silver ion antibacterial shield embedded in the tiles, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface.


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