Panaria at Cersaie 2017

Panaria Ceramica has confirmed its mission in the high quality residential sector at Cersaie 2017.

Panaria at Cersaie 2017

At the exhibition in Bologna the company has presented its new collections of ceramic surfaces, manifestations of the quality and aesthetic excellence of a brand that has always been able to combine technological innovation with a deep passion for and culture around the product.

The quest for simple elegance, but with great attention to detail, materialises in the company's new ideas: versatile collections featuring purity and aesthetic harmony, a stylistic key to the Panaria Ceramica product range, and careful study of today´s range of colours in neutral tones. The Panaria Ceramica surfaces are designed to meet the different needs and personal tastes of each customer to design their home in contemporary style.

An intimate, friendly atmosphere welcomed the visitor to the Panaria Ceramica stand, completely renewed to represent enchanting homes, through settings which outlined the stylistic ideas of the collections that furnish the space. A journey through the numerous solutions offered by the wide range of company products.

The first two areas were devoted to living areas and studios and put on show the newest creation for Cersaie: the Horizon collection, inspired by the elegant shades of marble and the texture of granite, to create a product that goes beyond the interpretation of nature to give a unique effect, a contemporary style characterized by refined and innovative aesthetics.
The collection is presented in five variations of neutral grey and beige tones, Sunrise, Sunset, Sky, Storm and Cloud, which show the constant quest for the nuances and colouring in these products. Enriched by delicate contrasting veins that enhance the shades of the material, Horizon offers a fascinating sensation suitable for any kind of setting. A perfect solution to design a high-impact aesthetic residential setting thanks to the unmatched texture of these new ceramics available in various modular sizes and a large range of decors and special pieces for interior and outdoor use.

Continuing inside the stand, we could find two other rooms dedicated to the Chic Wood collection, introduced last spring. Inspired by the warmth of wood and its essences, it is featured in a night-time area, the bedroom and toilet, enriching and defining the space, playing with different sizes and classic shades characterized by modern, light colours.

Another new product at this Cersaie has been the 5.5mm laminated porcelain version of the Prime Stone collection, which captures a day-time environment inside the stand thanks to its aesthetic softness and colour calibration. An addition that completes the collection with large, ultra-thin slabs reinforced with fibreglass, a highly technological product that combines the technical performance of ceramic porcelain tiles with benefits of the 5.5mm thickness. Flexibility, lightness and strength, as well as a minimal ecological impact, are among the unique and distinctive features of Panaria laminated porcelain, the result of exclusive technology adopted by PANARIAGROUP that enables production of slabs in sizes of up to 100 x 300 cm which open up new perspectives for design in the world of architecture and living.

In the last area, dedicated to living rooms, the Trilogy collection, introduced last year, was on show: an interpretation of classical marble made with unmatched excellence and aesthetic quality thanks to the use of three technologies combined in a single collection: porcelain stoneware, thin laminated porcelain stoneware and single-fired tiles.

All the new products presented at Cersaie belong to the antibacterial range PROTECT, the exclusive PANARIAGROUP line of products that come with an antibacterial shield, developed with the world leader in the sector, Microban®, integrated in the firing phase and able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from the surfaces in a durable way.


At Cersaie, Panaria has also presented a new, fully redesigned website.

With plenty of sections, special content and clear and intuitive graphics, but at the same time able to capture through the care taken to detail, the new site centres on the significance of Panaria Ceramica’s corporate culture and products.

The new Products section shows the very wide range of solutions that make each installation unique; the Projects section collects the best brand references; then the News section presents all the events, projects, and installations that the brand is involved in.

The uniqueness of the Panaria Ceramica world is told in the Magazine: a place to suggest and share tips and insights, inspiration and vision from the world outside linked to the world of design and ceramics and to the brand’s values in order to share its views. Design, User Experience and website development have been handled by the web agency Websolute, which also handles the visibility of the platform on the web. The wealth of technical information, documentation and tutorial guides for the proper installation and maintenance of products, make the new Panaria site an extremely important tool for end consumers as well as for professionals, architects and interior designers.

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