The modern living room is an open space

Living room tiles for a bright, dynamic, and multi-function living experience, with spaces that flow into one another

The modern living room is an open space

Living spaces that break boundaries, without walls or partitions dissecting the environment. Often the living area includes the kitchen or merges with the outdoors and incorporates it. And sometimes it transforms: into a home office, a study area for the children, or something else. Today the “living” area of a home is fluid, mobile, and in constant evolution. It adapts to both the temporary and permanent needs of those who live there and is conducive to multitasking.

The traditional living room is an open space, often characterised by large windows that allow natural light to “flood” the environments. This brilliance is further emphasised by the tiles used, like those from Panaria’s Nuance collection, which recreates the warmth of wood surfaces in five different shades of porcelain stoneware: Cendre, Caramel, Miel, Tabac, Perle.

But the light in the living room – with the subsequent result of amplifying the space – can be further enhanced by following the “total clear trend”: that of choosing light coloured surfaces, in infinite shades that range from dense white to lively grey. 

Or one can choose the classic total white, in a shade like Off-White from the Glance collection: the space will seem even larger, more brilliant, and more compact. As an alternative, another choice is to select dark tiles for the living room, creating a stark contrast with white or cream coloured walls for a young, metropolitan look. For example, the Coal shade in the Glance collection, can be a solution for those who love a more “urban” design, with a cosmopolitan and sophisticated flavour.

The common denominator between all of these options is the sense of compactness, which conveys a sort of solidity to increasingly dynamic, yet very comfortable, spaces; because today’s design is inextricably linked to a functionality that focuses on the constant change of duties and roles, sketching an increasingly fine line between in and out.

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