Panaria Ceramica and Zanutta showcase Italian know-how on display in Paris

With a project presented during the Paris Design Week 2018, Panaria Ceramica, a partner company of Zanutta France, is participating in the “OUVERTURE - savoir-faire en scène” installation, on display in the shop windows of Zanutta’s showroom in Paris on Rue de Bourgogne.

Conceived with the artistic direction of the gianpaolovenier Design Studio in Milan, “OUVERTURE” invites visitors to discover the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ through four temporary installations inspired by the Italian art cities of Florence, Venice, Naples, and the Ligurian Riviera.

In this way, over the course of 12 months, OUVERTURE will transform the space into a theatrical stage that gives passersby the opportunity to immerse themselves in these micro-landscapes made up of architectural elements, pieces of furniture, and tailor-made sets, illustrating Italian savoir-faire through architecture and design.

Inaugurated on 6 September, the first showcase is dedicated to the motifs and colours of Florence’s architecture for which Panaria Ceramica, together with the young French designer Vincent Morin, created the hexagonal micro-architecture: a portion of black and white column built using the porcelain stoneware Trilogy collection in the colours Calacatta and Sky Smoke, which recalls the shop windows florentine Renaissance motifs.

A solid example of the technical and aesthetic strength of the company’s ceramic surfaces, which, thanks to a profound ceramic know-how and the great passion characteristic of ‘Made in Italy’, is able to propose solutions with great personality, offering ample design possibilities and different fields of application for modern interiors. 

Photo credits ©Olivier Lacrouts

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