New domestic landscapes: nature as the protagonist

Wood effect tiles for a cosy and highly evocative atmosphere

New domestic landscapes: nature as the protagonist

A design that inspires a profound sense of nature, environments that convey immediate warmth. A comfortable atmosphere for modern and sophisticated spaces that are in constant evolution. This is today’s home, with a less static and more dynamic interior design that transforms according to personal tastes, needs, and lifestyles. So it is essential to choose flooring and wall cladding that, when all else changes, remain true reference points. That is why wood effect tiles are increasingly becoming the right choice: for interiors as well as exteriors, tiles that reproduce the various grains of wood while, unlike real wood flooring, allowing themselves to be caressed by the sun.

The trend in wood effect tiles has grown stronger over the years: the porcelain stoneware flooring that recalls our favourite types of wood, is now often paired with solid wood tables and upholstered ottomans and sofas. Even a kitchen clad in this type of material assumes a different value, acquiring intimacy and warmth while remaining practical.

The visual impact of wood effect tiles evokes the soft, simple, and welcoming nature of wood, but the resistance to scratches, slipping, stains, and water and the long-term durability of porcelain stoneware over time make these essential surfaces for modern spaces in terms of functionality.

Panaria offers a wide and varied selection of surfaces inspired by the ancestral and irregular intensity of wood. The range of colours is ample and the reproduction of every type of wood is meticulous and accurate. The collections (Cross Wood, North Cape, and, most recently, Nuance) feature veining, slight imperfections, and oxidation, conveying the true nature of wood through stoneware: realistic grains, capable of adding emotion and unique personality to the home, mirroring the desires of those who live there. At the same time, however, porcelain stoneware flooring and cladding are easy to maintain and clean, unlike natural materials. And almost all of the collections are guarded with an antibacterial protection PROTECT developed with Microban®, a leader in the sector.

The number of different grains available is also impressive. Do you like oak? In the Doghe di Quercia series for example, Panaria offers six variations: white, natural, aged, oiled, painted, and opalescent, each one with technical characteristics that are specific and appropriate to every need.

Choosing wood effect porcelain stoneware tiles is also the right choice for the environment: these floors do not deteriorate over time and are eco-compatible, with no trees or trunks being sacrificed, creating an unequivocally unique and functional design solution. With its wood effect collection, and all of its product lines, the reliable Italian know-how of Panaria helps to create the warm and comfortable sensation of “feeling at home”. Always.

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