Cersaie 2023

The Vibrant and uniqu Spectrum of Interior Design

Panaria Ceramica’s ability to propose solutions with a modern taste in which material research, accurate colour choices and the uniqueness of the subjects blend perfectly, was fully expressed on the occasion of the last edition of Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings.

During the important Bolognese showcase, Panaria presented Perpetual, an elegant and sophisticated collection, which stands out for its natural expressiveness and exceptional compositional balance. Available in five colours, of great impact and faithful in appearance to classic natural marbles, Perpetual is an extremely realistic collection, in which the peculiarities and precious qualities of marble surfaces are clearly recognisable – among them, resistance and brilliance – which are re-proposed in different thicknesses and sizes so as to extend their intense allure in all environments and on all surfaces.

Among the new proposals, the newborn Workshop collection of coverings stands out, a small-sized glossy brick, vibrant in colour, designed as a style laboratory that makes colours and intense material sensations the decisive factors of coverings destined to make environments unique and shimmering. In addition, the great combination of colours enhances the extraordinary compositional freedom of the small size of the wall covering tile and can be perfectly combined with any porcelain stoneware floor in the Panaria Ceramica catalogue.

Stood out for its natural expressiveness and exceptional compositional balance La Matière. It is a collection that draws inspiration from raw earth and hand-brushed concrete, made unique by a refined materiality embellished with artisanal traces, for designs with a very striking effect. La Matière showcases warm and welcoming mediterranean hues, presented in six interior formats, three exterior formats and three finishes, La Matière offers the possibility to create environments with seamless aesthetic continuity. Whether it's indoor or outdoor, this collection can effortlessly cater to the diverse areas of residential or commercial projects.

Finally, to enhance the stylistic possibilities offered by the Panaria catalogue, there is also the enrichment of the range of one of Panaria Ceramica’s most popular collections And that is Glam: colour and pattern, nature and geometries for a surprising collection of ultra-thin slabs that develops in different decorative themes, passing from floral compositions able to reveal a natural dimension even indoors, to abstract textures for more minimal and essential styles.

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