A blog on food and stoneware in the kitchen

The food-bloggers Sorelle Passera took Panaria surfaces as unique backgrounds for their recipes

A blog on food and stoneware in the kitchen

The food bloggers Sorelle Passera (the Passera Sisters), who have 40k followers, used the Panaria collections as blank canvases for some of their Christmas creations.

Passionate, amusing and spontaneous, the Sorelle Passera evoke memories and emotions through their cooking. Each ingredient narrates a story rich with allusions and the culture of food. That’s the real power of the food-bloggers’ site.

An authentic and personal world, defying the notion of haute cuisine with beautifully told stores about recipes and a passion for food as it once was.

It’s the same passion that characterises the Panaria surfaces, the ones chosen as backgrounds for the recipes by Marisa and Gigi: the soft and contemporary tones of Prime Stone,  the suggestive effects of colours and patterns of the Memory Mood collection, inspired by traditional cement tiles and the Petra Solis collection, which mirrors the typical designs of terracotta. They have become important ingredients in the exquisite recipes by the two very popular bloggers.         
The combined results are artworks inspired by the tones and designs of the Panaria products, where the bloggers’ ideas heighten the textures and the materials of the surfaces, producing suggestive images: a perfect marriage of culinary expression and the atmosphere of the porcelain stoneware collections. The beauty of feeling at home.

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