Nature enters the home with Panaria Ceramica

Collections that evoke natural materials such as wood and stone, as well as botanical-inspired prints and patterns for redesigning interiors with an organic style

Nature enters the home with Panaria Ceramica

Nature has always been one of the main themes of interior design: it offers us welcoming and harmonious spaces designed to convey comfort, calm and serenity. Corners or entire rooms where you can relax at a slower rhythm, reinforcing our perception of the home as a protective cocoon, a refuge, an oasis of tranquillity and security. Without sacrificing the most contemporary style. 

This is where furniture accessories, materials and surfaces with strong natural references are introduced. Vegetation enters the home with exuberance and extravagance through oversized floral patterns, an abundance of references and colourful shades that are never excessive. Or through references to more material elements that convey warmth and comfort.

An authoritative interpreter of the most contemporary styles, Panaria Ceramica offers various collections that can satisfy the desire for nature and it does so with solutions that range from stone and wood effects to more floral designs, jungle moods and delicate shades, perfect for any space, from the living room to the bedroom area.

Thanks to a varied and multifaceted collection that reinterprets wallpaper as an innovative collection of ultra-thin and incredibly contemporary surfaces, nature gracefully enters the home with ZERO.3 Glam.

The collection offers an impressive range of laminated porcelain stoneware slabs that are just 3.5 mm thick (the thinnest ceramic slabs on the market, the result of the technological innovation in which the company, with Panariagroup, is a market leader) and particularly versatile, lightweight and above all sustainable, since their production requires up to 65% less raw material and 80% less water, while consuming very little energy and significantly reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


The collection features 14 different decorative themes, 5 of which are nature-themed with delicate floral patterns or ideas for vertical gardens. The Mistic theme, consisting of two modules, reproduces the graphic design of the macro-flowers on a dark background, highlighting the pastel shades of the elements in the foreground.

The Hedge graphic design depicts a floral chain in more discreet and light shades, a perfect balance of geometric shapes and natural elements; Rainforest, consisting of two different modules, conveys the intensity of the jungle with small flowers blooming on tropical plants; Colorful, on the other hand, is dreamy and sophisticated, featuring romantic floral decorations in a watercolour style. Finally, to complete the range of natural decorations, Greenwall offers a truly immersive experience, encapsulating all the essence of living nature.

Stone Trace is the stone-effect collection by Panaria Ceramica that accurately interprets the natural charm and stylistic appeal of slate: a versatile stone with strong, yet discreet tactile and chromatic characteristics that perfectly integrate into the context in which they are inserted, creating an ideal scenario for contemporary interior design elements. The intense colour, the original surface shades and the chromatic balance make slate an elegant background solution to decorate the home.

This is why Panaria has chosen it as a source of inspiration, reproducing it with an extreme degree of realism that is only possible thanks to the sophisticated technology and expertise that have always characterized the brand’s high-quality products, presenting it on a large thin slab that further enhances its aesthetic impact.

Wall_Floor/Stone Trace-Abyss-Naturale | Wall/Stone Trace-Glade-Naturale | Wall/Glam-Rainforest
Floor/Stone Trace-Glade-Naturale
Wall/Stone Trace-Hollow-Naturale | Floor/Stone Trace-Hollow-Naturale
Wall/Stone Trace-Crest-Naturale
Wall/Stone Trace-Creek-Naturale | Floor/Stone Trace-Creek-Naturale
Wall/Stone Trace-Glade-Naturale
Floor/Stone Trace-Abyss-Naturale | Wall/Glam-Raindforest
Wall/Stone Trace-Crest-Naturale | Floor/Frame-Peak-Strutturato
Floor/Stone Trace-Creek-Naturale
Wall/Stone Trace-Hollow-Naturale

The collection features 5 colour variants: from the light and bright shades of Glade to the minimal tones of grey, interpreted by Creek and Abyss, the warmer shades of beige presented by Crest, and finally the darker and more sophisticated Hollow.

Moreover, Stone Trace conveys all its expressive power in large 120x278 cm slabs, which are particularly effective for cladding applications, creating wall effects that guarantee a seamless design and the option to cover architectural spaces with a natural-looking second skin.

Finally, nature is right at home, imprinted on surfaces with a soft and varied aesthetic thanks to Borealis, a collection devoted to the study of the most elegant shades of wood. A range that draws on the great ceramic tradition, while interpreting the most contemporary styles thanks to the brand’s characteristic continuous technological innovation and a vocation for residential applications.

Borealis further enriches the range of products that can meticulously reproduce the wood varieties and their peculiarities.


The range consists of four colours in line with the latest trends, which draw attention to desaturated and dusty colour shades. The grains and shades of high-quality wood are reproduced with stylish touches of colour, shading and a graphic elegance that create a warm and enveloping aesthetic, made even more realistic through innovative production technology.

This solution made it possible to achieve a perfect synergy between the graphic design and the surface, resulting in a final effect that combines and blends tactile and visual perceptions with absolute precision.

Unique collections that can design a flexible and functional home, in which you can find intimacy and share everything you love to do.

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